Sunday, June 12, 2011

Whatever It Takes

Rob was asked to give a one minute testimony at church this morning. As he was contemplating what to say, we were reminded of life pre-amputation....

....We were struggling in our marriage with selfishness on both sides. We would both admit that happiness seemed like a distant memory. I was struggling with work. Rob was struggling with the forced role reversal of having to stay at home and "take care of the house". We were very close to calling it quits. I know that it may seem surprising to read this, but it is so much a part of who we were and where we were and who we are now.

We had been going to marriage counseling to work through these issues. We are both of the mindset that we want this to work, we just needed a little boost and someone else to get us headed in the right direction. The counselor at one point challenged us to be praying together, which we did start to do. We then sat down one night and prayed this short, but powerful prayer and more importantly than praying it...WE MEANT IT:

" Father God, we are tired of trying to be in control. We ask that you do WHATEVER IT TAKES to help us to yield our lives to you and serve you the way that You intend."

I journal and we prayed that on April 18th. On April 19th, we found out that amputation will be the possible option for the issues with Rob's foot. It didn't dawn on us until asked to give the testimony, that we asked God for Whatever it takes! God not only answered our prayer, but blessed us overwhelmingly with His joy and peace for the upcoming life change. We finally took the focus off of ourselves and we started focusing on what God wants us to do for His glory! How blessed we are to be the instruments He uses.

We will both tell you that neither one of us would ever go back to Rob having two legs. We have never been so close to God or one another. This amputation has saved our marriage, our relationship with our Lord and most importantly it has saved us from the damaging effects of our selfishness. Praise God for answering our prayers and doing WHATEVER IT TAKES!

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