Sunday, July 11, 2010

Time To Smell the Roses

So I actually took a vacation this past week. By actually take a vacation I mean I did not do ANY business. I didn't check email/voicemail/ponder how I'm going to meet goals...the list goes on. I read a posting from my employer that stated how they feel that it is important for us to take time off without worrying about work. This way we can be refreshed and good as new to continue on in the job. Job, now that is a word that I equate with housework. I love my career. I love helping business owners I just plain and simply am blessed to have a "job" that I enjoy so very much. Sometimes...too much. Which is why I took a GIANT leap backwards and realized that I needed to slow down. Even for just one week.

Crystal leaves in a little over a month. Sure I joke and tease that I'll be happy when the attitude is gone, but truly, I am going to miss her something fierce.

Christian is maturing before my very eyes and I find myself thinking back to the tiny boy who came to live with us 6 years ago. I am blessed to see how far God has brought that child!!!

Ryan, oh Ryan, he surely has his "cuteness" going for him. I watch him take in the world through such innocent eyes.

I found myself wishing that I could go in slow motion this week. Camping in hot and sticky weather. We created memories. GREAT memories.

I had a revelation this week. I have spent more time working for the family God has given me than taking time out to spend with that family. How long Rob and I prayed to be blessed with children and here we are with 3 and I have completely fallen into the cliche of taking them for granted. I would love to say that this revelation has caused me to want to only work 8 hours each day, devote all of my spare moments to them, but the reality of it is, I'm not sure I can make that promise and keep it. I can promise to be more aware of the time my family needs.
I can promise to "smell the roses" with the gifts of those that are close to me.