Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's not about the path I've taken....It's about the journey ahead

Recently, Rob and I decided that it was far beyond time to get healthy. We could see the unhealthy habits we have been teaching our kids (just by example). I mean, I have been waking up at 5 am, going to work, then coming home around 6pm and barely making it through dinner. By 9pm, I was absolutely POOPED!!!!!

We found a wonderful Christian man who loves God, his family, and others. God drives this man in his ministry to teach those of us who have allowed our health to go by the wayside as well as the most fit athletes. I tell you this, he speaks the word of God into our lives through his training sessions.

I am a beautiful creation of God. Three weeks ago, I looked wide eyed at the tasks ahead of me. I went home and started to look behind. I looked at all of the "garbage" I put into my body that was detrimental to my health, well being, my family and ultimately my God. I was at a turning point, do I continue on the path that I was so used to or do I step forward to the journey ahead.

I chose the journey...... By the grace of God, I am now set free! FREE from the anti-depressant medication, FREE from my addiction to coffee, FREE to feel JOY, true JOY in life.

"I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me" Philipians 4:13

We live in such a fast paced society. We want everything now! Our trainer has taught us that physical strength is gained slowly. Three weeks ago, I could barely do one chin up, 5 push ups, and 12 air squats.

Two weeks ago, God placed on my heart the desire to run in a marathon. I have always wanted to run. Always liked to run, but was ALWAYS told that I would not be a good runner. So, I never ran!

Funny how God works, the desire was on my heart to run a marathon and the VERY NEXT DAY
I was approached to run in a relay race for fun with some coworkers. I felt a joy in my heart as I said YES!!!

TODAY!!!! I did 15 air squats, 10 push ups, and 5 chin ups and some other stuff. Then he told me to run 2 laps at the track if I had a chance today. So low and behold, I pass the high school track on the way home. I pulled in. I started running and thought I was going to DIE!!!! The adversary was trying to lie to me again "Quit, Janine, you can't do 2 laps. You are in terrible shape and you may as well quit the marathon'll be laughed at" To this I raised my hands in the air and said out loud "I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME" Just so happens there are 10 words in that passage and I raised my open hands toward heaven with my 10 fingers pointing upward!!!! THIS is the Haines' new cheer.

Ryan and Christian said that if they see me struggling while I'm running, he's gonna give me the two hands raised to heaven so I will remember that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

What's better...the boys now want to run with me!!

Yep...It's about the JOURNEY ahead!!!!!