Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pebbles and Boulders

Last time I posted, I spoke about the journey ahead. This journey, this road of life is rocky and uneven. Occassionally we stumble upon pebbles in the road. Pebbles that we kick out of our way so that we can continue on the journey. But then we are hit smack in the face of a boulder. Boulders represent very large obstacles that stop us dead in our tracks from continuing on the journey. These boulders have to be attacked and brought down to the size of a pebble that we can kick off the side of the road and continue on.

So many of us find ourselves confronted with this obstacle of the boulder and we are simply worn out from the journey. So we sit down, have ourselves a little pity party and make ourselves believe that the boulder is simply insurmountable. So we give up. Some of us find ourselves weary, yet we step back, take a break and figure out how "we" will accomplish this major task. While still others, sit back, take a break, but ask our Heavenly Father to help us to do what seems to be impossible.

I have found myself in all 3 of those stages in the past couple of months. Wow! There's the boulder, now I'm just going to sit down and feel sorry for myself and try to accept that this is all there is in the journey. Tough mindset to get out of, but then I moved to the "what can I do to change this situation" mode. There I was looking every which way but up to find an answer to this large obstacle in my way of what I think is true happiness on a road that I am really not sure of what's on the other side to begin with. Who was I kidding? I can't do this.......

Then today, YES! TODAY! I heard a song on the radio saying "You raise me up, so I can climb on mountains, You raise me up and calm the stormy sea...." And suddenly I realized that this insurmountable boulder on my life path was placed there for me to see that who I need to rely on is the one and only Jesus Christ! He will raise me up. And you know, the very moment that realization went from my head to my heart, I felt this overwhelming peace. I was in the car when this had happened, and when I got home, that boulder was crumbled into a million pebbles.

Amazing how our God loves us so much, that he will take all of our obstacles and smash them into little pebbles if we but ask. But now I wonder, how often we start to gather the pebbles and build our own mountain that keeps us from being on the path of God's true will for our lives.