Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Fog

We got up this morning at 2am and were on the road to Michigan to pick up our truck which broke down last week and was thankfully fixed. As I was taking my turn in driving right after we crossed the Michigan border, the fog became so thick and it was terribly dark. I was nervous. I didn't know the road and I could hardly see. The guys were sawing some logs, so it was just me left to navigate the foggy dark roadway.

Later in the morning, on the way back, I was in the car alone and the guys were in the truck. The sun was so bright and beautiful. We actually drove through an area and witnessed the fog lifting in the sunlight. God's beauty was beyond words.

That fog lifting reminded me of how great God is. It reminded me that earlier this morning, when I was scared and felt alone in the dark that all it took to make those same roads better was the light from the sun which God created. Think about that.... God calls us to be light unto this world. It made me think how am I being light into someone's scary, foggy, dark world?

Thank you, Jesus, for using Your beautiful creations to teach such wonderful life lessons to us. I do not have to fear because God's light will always shine. Some times we may not see it right away, but the sun ALWAYS comes up and darkness ALWAYS fades.